Words of Encouragement from WKCL Listeners

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"WKCL and the radio hosts are a huge part of our family..." - Cherie Lombard, Johns Island, SC *** "Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring & touching Christian music you give through your station." - Mrs. Frutchey *** "Thank you for your spiritual support through the great songs and programs you play on your radio station. I'm a big fan! God bless you all and keep up the great work." - Peggy Hiers, Moncks Corner, SC *** "Thanks so much WKCL for all the blessings you pour out on the Church of Charleston! Y'all are the BEST! - Cindy Horton, Moncks Corner, SC - ***"I wake to your songs every morning, and thank you so much for blessing my days." - Jennifer Williamson, Mt. Pleasant, SC *** What a blessing you are" - Jeff Spangler, Hickory, NC *** "You may never know how many lives you improve and save because of the various progamming..." - Mary from Johns Island

Good afternoon. Every morning when I wake up I listen to WKCL. It gives me energy and good mood for the whole day. Now I can not imagine my normal day without your radio. My whole family also listens to WKCL.  With thanks and best wishes your regular listener. Happy New year and merry Christmas! - Юлия Фуфкова (Julia Fufkova), Spirovo, Russia



"Excellent Word! My heart longs for the day we become worshipers in spirt and truth. Remember this! Worship is the only thing we do on earth that we will do in heaven!! " - Al Menditto

You are my favorite station of any I have found on the web - Charlotte McNann, Trenton, SC

Just started listening to WKCL and love it! God bless all of you. You are a blessing to me. I found your station in my car and now listen at work. - Sharon Davis, Neeses, SC

"What a blessing you are. I work for a company in Summerville. Everytime I come to town you bless me. Let God continue to use you to bless us; A light in the darkness you are!"

Jeff Spangler, Hickory, NC

"Your ministry has been blessed because God acknowledges your dedication to His Word. You may never know how many lives you improve and save because of the various progamming, Pastors' Prayer Time and that song which happens to come on at the right time when one needs it the most. God certainly is at work in the Lowcountry and beyond! God Bless You!"

Mary from Johns Island

"We drove to Oklahoma City, OK these past few days for a wedding and will be returning home tomorrow to Johns Island. It has been such a blessing to be able to listen via the internet while traveling and while in our hotel rooms. We listen 24/7 at home and have really enjoyed bringing you along on our trip. WKCL and the radio hosts are a huge part of our family and we just want to thank each and every one of you for your time, talents and sharing of your love for your listening audience and the beautiful love of our heavenly Father. Our prayer is that you all are as blessed by your ministry as we are. God bless you all and God continue to bless WKCL and the listening audience. To God be the glory forever and ever, amen."

Cherie Lombard, Johns Island, SC

"Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring & touching Christian music you give thru your station."

Mrs. Frutchey

"Thank you for your spiritual support through the great songs and programs you play on your radio station. I'm a big fan! God bless you all and keep up the great work."

Peggy Hiers, Moncks Corner, SC

"I'm in S.C. on vacation...wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening while I've been here. The Pastors' Prayer Time is a great way to start the day, the programs are great, and there is a wonderful variety of music. Thanks for your ministry!"

C. Chapel, Caledonia, WI
"I have been listening to this radio station for about 10 years and have enjoyed every moment. I love the different programs that are aired. This station helps me a lot spiritually with the music and makes me realize areas in my life that need improvement. I try to live right for the Lord but I do face a lot of stumbling blocks and sometimes they keep me down but with this station I can stand back up. Thanks a lot WKCL."

Sandy Thomas, Andrews, SC

"Thank you for your spectacular ministry! Thank you all for your wonderful, 24-7 Christian support, praise, and invitations to accept Christ."

Roc Tennyson, Charleston, SC

"Thanks so much WKCL for all the blessings you pour out on the Church of Charleston! Y'all are the BEST! Well, besides life in Christ, of course."

Cindy Horton, Moncks Corner, SC

"God Bless you all!!! Thank you so much for being here for the Charleston area and beyond for so many blessed years...I remember listening to WKCL in 1982, right before my parents died in a car accident and went to their reward. You and your air ministers have blessed my life ever since...thank you so much for being a conduit to my blessed Savior, Jesus Christ."
Amy Littles

"Through the prayer and music (during Pastor's Prayer Time) I was truly blessed; I felt the presence of the Lord shining through and just at a time when I needed his touch. Thanks for all that you do in the Name of the Lord." -

"Thank you for your ministry! You play a great variety of music, I find myself enjoying music that I never thought I'd enjoy! The teaching programs are terrific." -
Wanda Arzon

"I love WKCL. It is all I listen to on my radio." - April Mitchum

"We LOVE what you do at WKCL. It's such a blessing to listen and be ministered too."

Necold Edge
Acts of Faith Ministries
Walterboro, SC

"I have supported WKCL for many years, and will be writing you shortly to again thank you. WKCL is a great blessing to many people. I especially appreciate the worship music. The worship hour at 9 pm is a wonderful way to wind down before bed."

Curtis Haskins
Charleston, SC

"I am so grateful for the fine staff at WKCL, the music, the ministry …… you guys are the best. I listen everyday, and don't know what I would do without the faithful air ministers words of encouragement and their genuine devotion to the Lord's work!!!! What a blessing indeed - there just aren't enough words to describe how wonderful it is to turn on the radio, or to wake up in the morning with such a uplifting -scriptural based music …..thank you, thank you, thank you"

Cheryl Poppin,
Ladson, SC

"My wife and I were driving home from Virginia to Florida yesterday,when we entered South Carolina-I wanted and needed something very worshipful as it was really stressful on the road. We found your station. Now are listening here in Middleburg, FL via the web. What a blessing."

Michael Hoffman
Middleburg, FL

"Hi. I found your station when I stayed in Charleston last week. Please know I listen to it at home now online. Love the music! Thanks!

John Ballas
Crescent, PA

"I just wanted to say thanks for all the announcements that made for us. They
had a great impact on the turnout. Thanks so much!"

Gary Tucker,
Faith Assembly of God
Summerville, SC
"Hi. This may be an odd email, but this morning I was traveling for my job.
As a routine, when I travel from Conway to Kingstree SC I listen to KLOVE radio until I lose the signal then I switch over to WKCL. Today was an interesting trip. There was a song on KLOVE I had never heard before, I really liked it, I was starting to really get into the song when I lost the signal, so I switched over to WKCL at that point. Your station was playing the exact same song, as a matter of fact WKCL picked up where KLOVE had left off. My problem was I never caught the name of that song, it happened around 9:30 am. The next song after it was a Glen Campbell song if that helps. I really need to know the name of the song. The mathematical odds of you and another station having the same song on at the same time are astronomical but to be in the same place in a song at the same time is with out a doubt an act of God. I just feel that there was something in that song that God wanted me to hear.I really hope you can help me out on this one, I enjoy listening to your station when I'm in range. Loved the Dr. Dobson tribute this morning! Keep up the good work in helping further the kingdom of God!"

Dave Moen,
Conway, SC

REPLY: Dave, thank you for listening and also for your encouraging words. What a testimony to the sovereignty of God. And how appropriate it is that the name of the song you seek is "God With Us" by Mercyme; A song inspired in the heart of their lead vocalist and songwriter, Bart Millard, at 3:00 am one recent summer morning. God gave him the song in order to encourage you in that moment.

"I enjoy listening to you all very much...God bless you!"

Dawn McHenry
Summerville, SC

"Thank you God for ordaining this awesome form of communication with You and
fellowship with others through prayer and WKCL. God Bless You!"

- Owen from MUSC
Charleston, SC

"Thank you and may God continue to bless you and yours. You are such an inspiration to so many. My home station is WKCL."

- Becky Dennis
Kiawah Island

"I plan on keeping on listening to this awesome station online and I would really love if the Lord would extend those 100,000 watts up to the Myrtle Beach area so I may listen on the radio up here as well...I will keep praying on it! Once my finances get back in order, I need to send your ministry a well deserved gift. Thank you so very much once again and may our Awesome God continue to bless each and every one of you and yours. You are all in my prayers."

- Michael Reusswig
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I listen to your station on my computer in Columbia, SC and just love the style of music you play."

- Marty Goodwin

"Hi! ...from ROMANIA, EUROPE. Last year & 2 years ago I visited Charleston SC, and I used to listen WKCL, while I was there. I was a blessing for me to listen. It made me came closer to GOD. Now I listen to you on the Internet. WKCL makes me feel close to my family from Charleston and brings in my mind all wonderfull memories I had there with my dear ones. God bless you for everything you do in His Name. Many greeting from Romania!!! With love in Christ,

- Camelia Pogan
Romania, Europe

"WKCL has ministered to me so much. We are all together working in the field for the Lord, to bring in the harvest for him. I want to let you know, the time I've spent in the USA was a prescious one. It has given me a lot of stability. What I've learned helps me to endure until the end. Being a prayer partner was also great experience. Thank's for your commitment and prayer. You know there is no distance in the spirit. WKCL Team keep up the good work! The anointing is so strong.

- Christine Neuman-Greene Frankfurt, Germany

"I LOVE your radio station!! It is so friendly and inviting. Being a teen, it is often easy to be persuaded into listening to what every body else does, but since I found your station it is all that I listen to. It is really nice to know that it is still possible to find something godly in this world. Thank you for all that you do. Keep it up!! GOD BLESS!!"

- Jessica Proctor

"As a girl I listened to you with my grandma, and years later, after she passed, I was under conviction and remembered your station was somewhere on the first part of the dial and I searched for it till I found it. Wouldn't you know, as soon as I got there, The Apple Tree Song started playing, and I wept and got saved right there in my car! Been saved now for almost 4 years by nothing but the grace of God! Your ministries there really reach people, even if it's across decades. May God bless each one of you bountifully for the lives and hearts you touch each day."

- Renee Henderson

"Thank you for all your time and talent you so generously give to us "The Listeners". We appreciate all you do to give us quality programs and spiritual guidance all day long. May God bless you at the studio and in your personal lives."

- Carolyn Steiner

"Thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoy listening to WKCL every day. You bring such uplifting music, scriptures, sermons and such to the lowcountry. You are truly a blessing to me, too. Thank you, and God Bless You all always."

- Marcy Kanapaux

"I just love WKCL"

- Tom Barineau

"Thank you for your wonderful radio station! I love praising the Lord and listening..."

- Peggy Hiers

"Thank you for your ministry, I listen to your program (Pastors' Prayer Time) and pray with you every chance I get."

- Kimberley

"Several years ago after open heart surgery, I was depressed and my brother-in-law told me about your radio station...(using) all of yall on the radio station the Lord has turned my life and thinking around. Keep up the good work".

- Cordie in James Island

"Your radio station has been a true blessing in my life. I have it on continuously in my home and car. We moved here from Virginia last year and I have been so fortunate to be blessed with finding your station. Thank you." -

- Jane Mixon
Summerville, SC

"I wanted to forward praise reports from our church Crossroads and thank you @ WKCL for the prayers that were lifted up a few days ago..."

- Rosie from Summerville, SC

"I began listening three months ago while just serving through the channels. I'm addicted. Thank you so much!"

- Helen from Ladson, SC

"I want WKCL to know that I have been blessed many times after calling this ministry and having them agree with me in prayer. Thank you so much!"

- Euladine Robertson

"We appreciate very much your sharing our news with the community on your wonderful Christian station"

- Pastor Eddie Willis, Friendship Baptist Church North Charleston, SC

"...I heard you guys say that Harbour Lake Baptist Church in Goose Creek brought 19 people to the Lord over this past week. Praise God for them! My brother-in-law and I were two of the 19!"

- Angela

"We are so thankful for WKCL and its ministry to the lowcountry! Our radios are tuned to WKCL all day, every day!"

- Sherry Villeponteaux, Witness Coordinator Pinopolis United Methodist Church

"WKCL's morning ministry is a joy, filled with peace and God's love...is refreshing in the early morning drive to work, calm before the storm as I enter the work place."

- Michael Singletary

- "Your message continues to be a blessing to us as I am sure it is to many more. God bless!"

Ronald & Linda Owens

"I have been working and playing on the computer all afternoon while listening to your radio station. Many of the songs have really spoken to me. Please keep up the wonderful selection of music. Souls are being touched every day."

- Dale Bohler, N. Charleston, SC

"A dear friend of mine(that I met thru internet), told me about your music ministry..it has been a true blessing! I thank God for all of you and your wonderful music! I cannot tell you what a difference it makes in my life. Praise the Lord!"

- Kathleen Hale
Blue Island, IL
"I truly enjoy listening to your radio station. May God bless continue to bless all of you and the work you are doing"

- Sheila Browder
Awendaw, SC

"I have been listening to WKCL at my house for years now. I have had a nice receiver (here in Kingstree) aimed at Charleston and have been so blessed by this station and especially the wonderful mix of music you play. Thank you for bringing WKCL online with streaming so I can now play it at work via my computer."

- Craig Stephenson
Kingstree, SC

"Blessings Pastor Carl! Thanks for all that you are doing to further His mighty kingdom!"

- Rebecca Snipes

"I listen to WKCL daily and find peace through the music and progamming. I pray along with Pastor's Prayertime and enjoy the glory it brings Christ".

- Laurie Smith

"Thank you for your prayers. I'm 62 years old and recently went through cancer surgery. The Lord is carrying me to recovery. I'm listening now to WKCL"

- Anonymous

"Hey! I love your radio station. Ya'll play the best songs!"

- Sallie Koon

"I appreciate all that you do there to help myself and many other Christian's rejoice in song and relax in the music and talk programs you offer. As well as the unsaved who I am sure have used your station as a way to the Lord. Pastor's prayer time is especially a blessing. I am 21. Thank you for all you do again. May God bless you all."

- Tabitha DeSouza

"I am new to your station but have been enjoying it immensely."

- Rebecca Sherman

"God bless you all there at WKCL - I truly enjoy listening to you at home and on the road. I go out at lunch time (at work) to hear you in the middle of my day.

- Debbie Lawson

"Thanks so much (for identifying a song heard on WKCL)! I am amazed that you knew what I was referring to. I enjoy so much listening to WKCL! It makes my day."

- Judy Jones

"I just returned from Iraq where I served 14 months. There were many close calls. We knew that there were prayers going up on our behalf in Charleston and knew about Pastors' Prayer Time. I just wanted to say 'Thank you'"

- James

"I listen 24-7. I've been a Christian since age 17 and still serve Him today at age 66. Thank you for all the encouragement"

- Betty from North Charleston

"I was traveling and happened upon your station; really helped me...Thanks!"

- Audrey M. Styles
Columbia, SC

"I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to pray for my daughter, my parents, my fiance and myself."

- Listener in Hanahan

"I love what you do so much"

- Joe Vick

"Thank you so much for this radio station. We just started listening to it and we find it very comforting!"

- Kelly Meads

"Thanks so very much for your great and inspiring message! God bless You all now and always!"

- Eric Ross

"I love WKCL. I listen to this station more than the country stations and CDs that I have because of the music that is on. Please keep up the great music. It's a great way to turn people to the Lord."

- Laurie Murdaugh

"May the Lord bless all you do in His name."

- Bob Hyland

"Hi! I really enjoy listening to some of the programs on your show in the morning."

- Rebecca Bullard

"May the Lord Jesus bless you in your ministry and your homes!"

- Bill Drayton.

"Praise God for WKCL! My family and I have been faithful, DAILY, listeners since we moved to Charleston 5 years ago. You are truly a blessing to our daily lives as we enjoy David Jeremiah, Focus on the Family, all your Contemporary Praise/Worship music, Chuck Swindoll, and Adventures in Odyssey for our kids on Saturday mornings. I often have the occasion to travel out of town for business or pleasure. That's when I realize how blessed we are to have CHRISTIAN Radio like WKCL...Very few cities are so blessed. Thank you all and God's Blessings on your vital ministry."

- Phil Minard

"Thank you and please keep up the Lord's work on radio. We love you."

- Loretta Lyons

"I enjoy listening to your station."

- Stan Halstead