Underwriting is a way for WKCL to provide "thank you" announcements to businesses, ministries and churches

located within the radio coverage area for their monthly financial support of the station. Listeners learn of these

businesses through on-air, non call to action announcements and wkclradio.com.


Christian business owners like you support WKCL. This allows WKCL to recognize your sponsorship on-air and

helps to establish you in the minds of th listening audience as a local business that stands for Christian values

and supports the kingdom of God.


Christian radio listeners are among the most loyal consumers in the country. WKCL's dependable listening

audience is filled with families, stable homeowners, responsible citizens and successful business owners.

While WKCL cannot accept advertising as a non commercial station, we can announce businesses and

churches that sponsor programming. Underwriting announcements allow listeners to know Christian businesses

for their generosity and sponsorship.


In exchange for your contribution to support this ministry, WKCL will recognize your business on the agreed

to days and times. Federal regulations allow WKCL to broadcast a non-promotional announcement

acknowledging your support of the station.


In addition to the underwriting, WKCL offers underwriters brief pre-recorded interviews which
again share who you are with the listening audience. These features are called Listening Posts.




A 30 or 60 second radio spot on a commercial radio station which reaches anywhere from 30 to 60 thousand

listeners can cost upwards from $60 to $100. This type of announcement usually involves a call to action, the

qualifying and promotion of a product or service in a competitive manner. Underwriting involves no call to action,

but recognizes the fact that a business is giving to support a non-commercial, non-profit ministry like WKCL.

Listening Posts, which are community-building in nature, are 45 to 60 seconds in length, running 4 times a month

and reach an audience of 50,000 plus. They are complimentary to those businesses and churches who sponsor

WKCL at at least $50 per month. The benefits and blessings of being involved with listener-supported non-commercial

Christian radio are real! Call WKCL at 843-553-1525 to become an underwriter of WKCL.



If you are an Evangelical Christian Church, Business-Owner or Parachurch Ministry, please feel free to call
843-553-1525 or can contact WKCL via the net at: underwriters@wkclradio.com  

Tell 50,000 people about your event this week! WKCL's weekly number of listeners has historically ranged from

40,000 to 50,000 listeners over the past ten years. Churches, church events and Christian-owned businesses

who underwrite, receive significant exposure to a very loyal and large listening audience for extremely reasonable

rates. To learn more, please contact David at 843-553-1525 or e-mail him at underwriters@wkclradio.com.

Below are links to information on packages offered by WKCL to serve the Christian community of Charleston.